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  Tovi the Penguin       
Christopher and I absolutely loved the london book, thanks Tovi, cant wait for the next one!“ Pippa Shouler

„This is my little boy, Tovi William, hence how we came across your books! He will be collecting the series each time a new book becomes available to Australia!“ Jacinta Tippet

Gabriel reading Tovi goes camping to William.

„Our children love Tovi and they are always asking for his next adventures. I have used this book for my winter stories workshops and all the children have just loved the story. They were surprised that the penguins didn't cry when they didn't find the presents under the Christmas tree, but then they understood that friendship is more important than presents ;)“ Ioana Lluansi

Valentina reading Tovi goes Camping.

„Tovi the Penguin goes away for Christmas by Janina Rossiter is a delightfully illustrated book that tells the story of Tovi and his friends who go away for Christmas. They are delighted when it starts to snow and decorate the cottage and the tree in preparation for Christmas morning. They go to bed full of excitement and anticipation for the following day. However, all is not as they expect but they end up having a wonderful day and a big surprise when they return home. This is a lovely, simple story that shows even when things don’t turn out quite the way they were planned, it is still possible to have a great time by playing with friends. They had so much to enjoy, the warmth of the fire, the fun in the snow, and their lovely Christmas meal. The author Janina has also  llustrated the book herself and really brought the character of Tovi to life. He is fun and has a positive outlook and he makes sure that he and his friends enjoy their Christmas day. The story emphasises the importance of friendship and making the most of what you have. It’s a heart-warming story ideal for a parent to read to a child at bedtime, perhaps on the night before Christmas. This is just one of Tovi’s adventures and I have no doubt after reading this story that children will want to read more about this happy little penguin.“ Jane Finch

Malyn reading Tovi the Penguin goes to London

„So, so cute!! Another adorable Tovi the Penguin book. The illustrations are just perfect with little details that the kids like to pick out. I especially like the "what did you see" at the end.“ Jennie Goutet

Alexander with the Tovi the Penguin goes camping book.

„My four-year-old daughter and I loved this book. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is just right for a child of this age. We're both eager to read more of Tovi's adventures!“ Adria Cimino

„„My kids are so in love with their Tovi Christmas book! We can't wait to find out what Tovi's next adventure will be!!“ Krista Mounce

„Somebody was very excited to get his new Tovi book. Especially the London eye page. Congratulations on another fab book x“ Cathie Battersby

Macus & Lizzie reading Tovi the Penguin

„Loved the first..addicted to the second a great gift for christmas, my 4 year old could not put it down. The graphics were so beautiful and the attention to detail really made it so special and a great addition to her christmas stocking.. Keep writing and creating Janina.. can't wait to get my hands on your next one.“ Jo Kinahan

„Oh this is such a fab book the colours are fab and cute little stories“ Shirley Shackleton

Pia enjoying Tovi the Penguin goes Camping

„I purchased this book for my niece who is 4. She says this is one of her favorite books because it makes her laugh... "Tovi is a fraidy cat and he should'nt be scared of a squirrel, silly penguin". From an adult perspective I love this book because its imaginative and reflects what a true childrens book should be. We are all excited to follow Tovi where ever he may go next!“ Emily Gandy

Kalle reading with his dad Tovi the Penguin goes Camping

„GREAT BOOK! Chouette livre pour enfants pour l'éveil à l'anglais. Lecture agréable et très amusante pour les enfants et les parents!“ C. Robert

„These books are beautifully written and illustrated and really capture a childs interest“ Sarah Travers

„My daughters loved Tovi and now they're asking to go to London. I hope Tovi keeps traveling; what a great way for kids to learn about the world!“ Lisa Webb

„Tovi is back, this time in London! My son loves Tovi. He's been camping with him, he celebrated Christmas with him, and now he went to London with him! The drawings are spectacular and the stories are fun. Perfect for my two-year-old son!“ Vicki Lesage

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