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Thank you for your great feedback!

"Somebody was very excited to get his new Tovi book.
Especially the London eye page. Congratulations on
another fab book x“ 

"This is my little boy, Tovi William, hence how we came across your books! He will be collecting the series each time a new book becomes available to Australia!“ 

"So, so cute!! Another adorable Tovi the Penguin book. The illustrations are just perfect with little details that the kids like to pick out. I especially like the "what did you see" at the end.“ 

"Christopher and I absolutely loved the london book, thanks Tovi, cant wait for the next one!“ 

"My four-year-old daughter and I loved this book. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is just right for a child of this age. We're both eager to read more of Tovi's adventures!“ 

"Oh this is such a fab book the colours are fab and cute little stories“ 

"My daughters loved Tovi and now they're asking to go to London. I hope Tovi keeps traveling; what a great way for kids to learn about the world!“ 

„Tovi is back, this time in London! My son loves Tovi. He's been camping with him, he celebrated Christmas with him, and now he went to London with him! The drawings are spectacular and the stories are fun. Perfect for my two-year-old son!“ 

"I purchased this book for my niece who is 4. She says this is one of her favorite books because it makes her laugh... "Tovi is a fraidy cat and he should'nt be scared of a squirrel, silly penguin". From an adult perspective I love this book because its imaginative and reflects what a true childrens book should be. We are all excited to follow Tovi where ever he may go next!“ 

"This little book is a delightful read for the youngest to the oldest child. While Tovi and his family are vacationing, a huge snowstorm covers their house which inhibits Santa's ability to deliver the presents.. Therefore, there are no presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Tovi is very disappointed but, as the day wears on, he finds joy in just being with his family. When they arrive home, Tovi is surprised to see all of the presents under their tree. Tovi learned a valuable lesson about family and the true meaning of Christmas. Children will also love the illustrations“ 

"Tovi and friends visit someone else's home for Christmas eve. The story line involves the young listener with its simplicity and rhythm. No rhyme--and that is good for a story of this type, make it natural. It also helps a child cope with the question: "What if Santa doesn't bring me anything for Christmas?" The lesson is -- Christmas is much much more than presents.

Tovi is a most happy and pleasant character, one that preschool children and first-graders will relate with.“ 

"A simple story of families doing things together with unpredictable outcomes. They make adjustments as easy as possible and get a nice surprise in the ending of the book. Easy for children to understand the lesson.“ 

"My kids are so in love with their Tovi Christmas book! We can't wait to find out what Tovi's next adventure will be!!“ 

"This is my favorite Tovi book so far. Its a very cute story with cute illustrations and is perfect for showing children the sites in Paris. I loved the "postcards" at the end of the book that show real pictures of the places talked about in the book."

"Sweet story, lovely illustrations (great colors), and who doesn't love a treasure hunt, especially in Paris? A worthy addition to the Tovi oeuvre."

"The Tovi stories just keep getting better. I genuinally get the impression that the author cares deeply and thinks carefully about each book (and doesn't simply repeat a formula). This new one once again keeps the magic of the Tovi books - beautiful illustrations and engaging stories - but also gives us a new idea, introducing children to Paris. This original story is educational and fun - you can either read it straight or find plenty to discuss (famous buildings in Paris etc). The rhymes in this book are fun for the children to learn and join in the reading. It's also a story that works with different ages so if you've got 2 or 3 children and need to combine the bedtime story, this is ideal. A lovely book that is thoughtfully done. Wholeheartedly recommend."

"Another fantastic book in the Tovi series and one which we have eagerly awaited! Myself and my 2 year old absolutely loved this book. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and represent Paris, where we live, very accurately. The colours of the book are romantic and at the same time exciting for little ones. The story is wonderful - a magical tour of Paris and it's highlights! A special bonus of the book are the creative clues for the treasure hunt. You can tell from the writing and beautiful drawings that the author has poured her heart into this book. I fully recommend buying this book (or any others from the Tovi series!)."

"The book Tovi The Penguin written by Janina Rossiter is playful, educational, and unexpected. The illustrations are colorful and always mindful of the cultural atmosphere of the country of which the story is being betrayed to take place in. Each page offers small details for the reader to expand on for the child's entertainment. The book is culturally educational for children of all ages. I read the book to my six year old nephew and he seemed interested and engaged in asking questions about the strange named food and other landmarks referred to in the story. Tovi seems to have an unexpected journey through the book which allows the reader to absorb the cultural differences between France and America. I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone that would like to educate their children about other countries and iconic landmarks in a fun, playful way.“ 

"Another charming book in the Tovi series. Tovi and his penguin friends decide to spend the day at the seashore. They build sandcastles and look for sea shells. While taking a nap, they discover the tide has come in and they are trapped on an island. What to do? Our penguin friends discuss the pros and cons of various solutions. In the end, they find a way to solve the problem and warn others of the danger in the future.

Vibrant colors with sweet illustrations keep young readers interested, while older siblings will easily manage reading the text independently. Children learn that not all penguins live in cold climates and how to problem solve in a difficult situation. Recommended for readers two through eight, though I believe preschoolers and kindergarten children will especially enjoy it as a bedtime story.“

"Really cute. Three penguins go to the beach and the tide comes in making where they were at an island. They then have to wait for the tide to go back out before they can carry all their things back to mainland. In the meantime, they explore a little in the water.
Real simple dialogue. Quick easy story line for my toddlers to understand. Some sense of humor that made the kids giggle.“ 

"Delightfully and charming, love the message of tenderness, and the little creatures are so adorable. Thank you for the cute story“